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Happy New Year!

Every year I dread our family card! I know that’s so terrible but it’s true. Everyone that knows me,  knows that I prefer to be behind the camera and oh the stress of coordinating the family outfits!  So this year I decided girlies only! The more I put it off the faster the holidays approached. So I finally sat down to shop  online and found …..the dress. It was absolutely perfect dress for my sweet Nataleigh that just turned 13. We usually do a birthday session every year around their birthdays, however with their busy schedules and my busy weekend schedules we have been falling father and farther behind. So when I saw this gorgeous goddess gown I knew it was the perfect dress for my Nataleigh and the wheels started spinning.  Ashlynn’s dress fell into place and once she tried it on I knew we were a go for their session and  then it just started growing from there! I ordered some amazing accent pieces from etsy and we as a family sat down the night before and made the fabric garland that’s shown in the images behind them.

A big thank you to my clients for an amazing 2012! I am where I am today because of all of you and my family thanks you for that! I absolutely love what I do and I hope it continues to show in my work.  So with that I’ll leave you with some fun images from our session.




XO stacy



PS:  If any of my clients are interested in more of a styled shoot like this please let me know! I love the excitement of scouring the antique stores and putting all the pieces together.  

RON - Wow.. Stacy, these are beautiful!

She said YES!

A client sent me this sweet video and yeppers I shed a tear or two! I would love to capture that amazing moment for a couple when his hands are shaking while getting the ring out and at that instant she’s realizing that yes, YES he’s proposing!

We are looking forward to trying new shoots this year and a proposal session is one that we’d LOVE to capture this year. So if you know of someone that is ready to pop the question send them our way so we can collaborate and be super sneaky to capture their love story.

We are currently booked through May for our wedding season and have a few more summer dates and fall dates so if you’re looking to book your wedding we’d love to meet with you and chat about your big day! st. augustine jacksonville wedding photographer

Maurice Arnett - my friend Maurice already proposed to his girlfriend of 6 years but didnt get her a ring because of money problems. but now they are a little bit better off financially so i am sure he would love to pop the question the big way because they are planning the wedding for august 2014. he’s such a quiet, down to earth guy but he loves to see his girlfriend with a smile on her face. he does everything he can to make her smile.

Stacy - Please please have your friend contact me as this is completely complimentary my phone number is 904.891.2061 Thank you!

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